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Creative double layer inverted umbrella reviews

  • Friday, 27 October 2017
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Inverted umbrella effects

1. To avoid the rain on the umbrella easy to get wet clothes.

2. To avoid hanging umbrella trouble.

3. Easy to umbrella on the train.

Inverted umbrellas reviews

Form amazon:

1. I am very impressed with this umbrella. I had to walk my dog in heavy rain. The umbrella is large enough to provide excellent coverage. I let it dry in my garage and it dried quickly.

2.The inverted opening is very interesting and allows the closed umbrella to stand on its own if necessary. It held up well to the one fairly nasty windy and rainy day I've used it in. I like it.

3.Had the chance to use yesterday! Worked great getting out of the car and getting in the car.

Form Youtube
1. K, for the neysayers, this umbrella is fine.  No, it doesn't grow mold.  I've been using mine for a year and it has been fine.  What it does do is make it so much easier to get in and out of the car in the rain.  Closing it before I go into the office is a piece of cake.  I'm not dumping water all over me every time I close it.  
2. Exept for enclosing the soaked up surface inside there are no real advantages for this umbrella - all the comparison was made with a usual nontelescopic umbrella, wich has more mobility and is more compact then the "Upbrella". Oh - and even with it's folding inwards design - water that is on it's surface still has to go somewhere.

Form Facebook
Inverted umbrellas are great at keeping you dry when outside then fold inside out so they don't drip all over when you come indoors!

Form Dhgate
1. Beautiful selection of umbrellas. Every flower is gorgeous! Quality is solid! Thank you!
2. Very pleased with the umbrellas although I would have liked to be able to specify which colors I wanted. Instead of 10 different colors in my mix I only got 5 so had duplicates of colors.

Where to buy inverted umbrella

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